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5-axis high speed milling aluminum CNC machining
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CNC Milling

Volume production
5‑axis milling

5-axis high speed milling aluminum CNC machining

TCR is dedicated to having the latest in CNC milling technology. With three full 5‑axis mills, no part is too complicated to machine.

CNC Turning

6‑axis lathes
Bar feeders

Unattended machining with a 6-axis multi-spindle live tool bar feed CNC lathe

We have two 6‑axis CNC turning centers with milling capabilities that can machine even the most complex lathe components in one operation.


Industrial robotic arms
Lights‑out machining

With the use of automation technology, we are able to compete with overseas pricing while maintaining the quality and benefits of local production.


Manufacturing & design
Powerful software

Precision and accurate quality control with advanced machinist measuring tools

We work with our customers to design for manufacturability and guarantee quality with constant in‑process checks.

metal finishing

Surface polishing
Part deburring

With in‑house metal finishing, TCR simplifies your supply chain to provide exceptional consistency and lead times like no other.